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To find your replacement remote control simply enter the model number for your audio/visual device (i.e. television, Freeview box, DVD player, satellite box, home threatre system, HIFI, projector unit, etc) and then click SEARCH.

Original Replacements

Original replacement remote controls are identical to those ones supplied with your new audio/visual device. When you buy a new television from a reputable dealer, the remote control which comes with it is known as an original remote.

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Alternative Replacements

These remote controls are model specific and will work as soon as you insert the batteries. No set up is required - not to be confused with universal remote controls which usually need to be set up and have limited functionality. We supply the Classic brand of replacement remote control which is of a very high quality. The Classic brand is well established and is used by consumers and service industries worldwide.

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Replacement Remote Controls for TV, DVD, VCR, VIDEO, SET TOP BOX, HI-FI, CD, SKY DIGITAL, SATEL LITE, CAMCORDERS & more...

Welcome to Remotes 4U

Welcome to Remotes4u, we have an extensive range of TV, DVD, Satellite and Sky Digital remote controls and many more. We cover popular manufactures from Phillips to Pioneer and Samsung to Sony Remote Controls. Click the links below for more information on the specific remote you require.
TV remotes.

The need for Remote controls in today's market demands not just a Remote control for TVs but also remotes for your VCRs and DVD's, as well as for more modern things such as Set Top Box's and Camcorders. Yet even with the modern technology of today's TV remote controls things still go wrong and they need replacing. This is where Remotes4u is your savoir. We not only cover Philips Remote and Sony Remote controls for your TVs but also remotes for other products as shown below.

DVD remotes

Mass production of DVD players has meant that they are present in almost everyone's home in Britain and the need for DVD remotes is as vital as Remote controls for TVs. In 1993, Phillips and Sony were the big brands who were pushing forward the development of DVD players. Along with other brands Sony and Philips they are still engineering DVD players and DVD Remote controls. Unsurprisingly, Remotes4u stocks Philips DVD Remotes and Panasonic Remote controls for your DVD's.

Camcorder remotes

Although Camcorder remote controls may not appear to be as popular as TV remotes they are extremely useful as anyone with a camcorder will be aware. The miniature size of the average Camcorder Remote control like those of the Sony Camcorder remote and JVC Remote control means they can be easily misplaced. Though don't despair, Remotes4u does not just cover popular TV Remote controls. At Remotes4u we aim to cover all remotes and Camcorder Remote controls are no different. Remotes4u stocks Sony remotes and JVC remote and other popular Original and Alternative Camcorder Remote controls.

VCR remotes

VCR's do not dominate the market as they did in the 90s, as such it is even harder to find an original or replacement for Philips Remotes and Toshiba VCR remote controls when you need too. We don't believe it should be and if you want to keep your VCR than why not? Remotes4u endeavours to cover VCR remotes as much as it does so for Remote controls for TVs.

To find a specific remote simply go to our above search engine. Firstly select your brand. On the left we have noted which are the most popular Remote control brands such as, Pioneer Remotes, Sony Remotes and Panasonic Remote controls. Secondly, enter in your model number, this is so we can locate specifically which Remote it is that you need.

Finally, note whether or not you want the original or an alternative Remote Control. Original Remote controls are supplied from the original manufacturers like Sky and Sony. Whereas Alternative Remotes, although of the same equality as ones produced by Sony and Sky, with all the functions of the original remote, they are model specific.

Finally, decide how you want to pay for your Remote Control or Controls and Remotes4u will dispatch them to you.


Largest range of Remote Controls

These remote controls are supplied by the original manufacturers as direct

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