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Please note that some Sharp remotes come in two versions:

Original - This is identical to the remote you originally received with your device. Unlike some cheaper replicas out there, we only sell genuine Sharp controls direct from the manufacturer.

Alternative - This is a remote made by "Classic" which is purpose-built for your device. It has all of the functionality of the original but without the same physical appearance, and works out of the box with no programming required.


Sharp was founded in Tokyo, Japan over 100 years ago. Its vast age and presence in the earliest TV markets is one of the main reasons why it's still one of the largest television brands in the world.

While it's an industry leader in its home country of Japan, it also has strong popularity here in the UK. Its televisions, set-top boxes and audiovisual devices are not just high quality, but affordable too - at least compared to some other brands out there.

This popularity results in demand for a wide range of replacement Sharp remote controls, so we do our best to stock all available models. This includes remotes for older TVs and sound systems, right through to the latest Sharp Aquos television sets.

About Sharp remote controls

Remotes for Sharp devices are generally well-built and intuitive to use. That's why we stock a range of genuine originals as like-for-like replacements. Our alternatives by Classic aim to be just as effective too. The buttons are easy to understand and sturdily built to hold up well against daily use. Plus, all our remotes, even the alternatives, are designed for each model and will operate with no setup or codes required. Point, click and it works.

If you're looking for a Sharp remote control, as a replacement or spare, they will also come with a 30 day return period for any reason, a one year warranty and free 1st class delivery anywhere in the UK.

In fact, we aim to have most remotes delivered in only 1-2 working days when in stock. After all, we know the frustration of having a Sharp TV, sound system or set-top box without a working remote! Even buttons that only work with a hard press can be a real pain that takes some of the joy out of your favourite music or television shows.

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To buy a replacement Sharp remote, please enter your device model number into the search box above. That will take you to the device-specific remotes we have in stock. Any questions? Feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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