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Enter the model number (usually found on the back of the device or in the manual) to instantly find the Logik remote control model you require.

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Please note that some Logik remotes come in two versions:

Original - This is identical to the remote you would have originally had. Unlike some overly cheap replicas out there, we only offer genuine Logik controls direct from the brand manufacturer.

Alternative - This remote is made by "Classic" which is purpose-built for your product. It has all of the options of the original but without the same appearance, and works out of the box with no setup required.


From our base here in Doncaster, we dispatch hundreds of Logik remote controls every month to customers all over the UK. Here's a brief run-down of this brand and the range we offer.

Logik is a brand of Dixons Carphone, and it's likely that your product originated from one of their consumer electronics retail chains. The brand itself is well known for making good quality, cost-effective appliances, and this filters through to their remote controls as well, which are reliably built.

However, even the official retailers of the brand sell nothing more than universals, which require fiddly coding and obviously aren't specific to each device.

That's where we come in

At Remotes4u, we sell hundreds of different Logik remote controls which are specifically made for certain product models. This means that they work immediately without any setup, and include all of the buttons relevant to your device's functionality. Just pop in batteries and off you go.

There are two variations available. The original remotes are genuine, identical substitutions just like the original control and sourced direct from the manufacturer.

The alternative option gives you a cheaper remote developed by Classic, but is still well-made, reliable and works straight away without any codes whatsoever. Most of our customers even like them more than the originals.

Both options cover a huge range of products of all ages, including remotes for Logik televisions, sound bars, radios, home cinema systems and much more.

How to order your new Logik remote control

Simply obtain the model number of the device (chances are it's on the back), pop it into the search box above and then we'll show you the product-specific Logik remotes we have in stock for your item. Any questions? Please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

Some of the most popular remote controls for LOGIK are below. However, this is a very limited selection, so we recommend that you find yours by entering the model number into the search box above. View all


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