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Please note that some Sony remotes come in two versions:

Original - This is identical to the remote you originally received. Unlike some fake replicas out there, we only sell genuine Sony controls direct from the manufacturer.

Alternative - This is a remote made by "Classic" which is specifically built for your device. It has all of the functions of the original but without the same appearance, and works out of the box with no programming necessary.


From our warehouse here in Doncaster, we've been shipping thousands of Sony remote controls to customers all over the UK for over a decade who appreciate great quality products, delivered fast, at affordable prices.

Ask anyone to mention the first electronics brand which comes to mind, and many people will say Sony. They are arguably the global leader when it comes to AV technology, and whilst they've entered a huge range of industries, from music and movies to entertainment and even banking, they are perhaps most well known in the UK for their televisions, players and other home devices.

However, with so many thousands of products spanning many devices, there are, quite literally, thousands upon thousands of different Sony remotes out there!

Fortunately, as one of the UK's leading suppliers, we have pretty much every controller you're ever likely to look for. There are old device handsets for the likes of the KV-28SF5 and KLV-17HR1 systems, right up to the latest feature-rich remote controls for Sony's BRAVIA TVs, high-definition sound systems and smart players. The most modern devices are where the device-specific remotes we sell are essential to ensure that you can use all of the functions available (unlikely if you use those universal controllers out there).

The Sony remote controls we offer

There are two types. There are the originals, which are genuine, like-for-like, identical remotes which you would have received when you first bought the product. These are sourced directly from Sony. There are also alternatives made by Classic. We've selected this brand as they offer very cost-effective prices, but their remotes are renowned for quality and reliable construction.

Plus, perhaps most importantly of all, they are made specifically for each device and therefore require NO codes or setup whatsoever. Just insert batteries.

In some cases, we may only have one type in stock for your model, but most of the time you will be able to choose between the two remote controls. Unsure? Just give us a call or e-mail, but if you check out our reviews in the top right, every customer is equally happy with either.

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