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Please note that some Humax remotes come in two versions:

Original - This is identical to the remote which originally came with your device. Unlike some cheaper replicas out there, we only sell genuine Humax controls direct from the manufacturer.

Alternative - This is a remote made by "Classic" which is purpose-built for your product. It has all of the same functions of the original but without the same appearance, and works out of the box with no programming required.


We dispatch thousands of remotes every week to customers in need of replacements throughout the UK. Here's a quick guide to buying a new Humax remote control.

Humax are one of the more recent electronics manufacturers, with their products becoming popular in the UK throughout the last decade or so. Whilst they have diversified into a small range of consumer devices, they're known almost exclusively for their set top box/recorder range which provides digital TV from the likes of Freeview and Freesat (such as the Foxsat HDR). Recently, they have launched a range of YouView boxes too.

As a result of their popularity, there are now hundreds of Humax remote controls out there for a wide range of different STBs and recorders. Unfortunately, many of these can become misplaced, faulty or damaged, and if you're on our website, you'll probably know just how frustrating it is to use a Humax box without a working remote! That's where we can help.

Choosing a Humax remote control

These boxes have some very specific functions, so you need a control which works with your exact model of device. That's why we only stock Humax remotes which are product-specific, so they're designed to work with your exact device without any coding, setup, programming, fiddling around or anything like that.

Whilst we have a large range of Humax original remotes - which are like-for-like, genuine versions of what came with your product - we stock a lot of alternatives too. These remote controls are made by a different manufacturer, but still built specifically for each Humax box so they have the same functions and require no codes.

We only sell the alternative range from Classic, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of such Humax remote controls. They're reliable and well-built with easily understandable buttons. Plus, as they're cheaper, they can save you money too. Check out our Trustpilot reviews on the right and you'll notice that many customers prefer these Humax remotes over the originals.

Either way, regardless of which control type you choose, you just insert batteries, point, click and start using your Humax once again.

It's this easy

To find a remote control for Humax, simply enter the model of the actual device (for example, the set-top box, recorder etc) into the search above, and we'll show you the remotes we have in stock for it. Then it's as easy as ordering online for fast delivery straight to your door which is 100% free.

Some of the most popular remote controls for HUMAX are below. However, this is a very limited selection, so we recommend that you find yours by entering the model number into the search box above. View all


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