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Please note that some Hitachi remotes come in 2 types:

Original - This is identical to the original remote. Unlike some retailers which sell cheap replicas, we only sell genuine controls direct from Hitachi.

Alternative - This is a remote made by "Classic" which is purpose-built for your appliance. It works just like the original but without the same physical appearance, and operates out of the box with no programming required.


Here's more information about what you can expect when you order a new Hitachi remote control from Remotes4u - one of the UK's most popular replacement remote retailers.

You'll have to go back over 100 years to see the founding of Hitachi in Japan. It's one of the world's largest technology conglomerates (amongst other things). And because of its long-standing presence in the UK, their audio-visual devices are both well-known and popular.

This is also one of the main reasons why we have over 2,200 separate models of Hitachi remotes controls in stock! With plasma/LCD televisions, projectors, cameras, sound systems and many other products spanning many decades, there are a lot out there.

Fortunately, we have an incredibly extensive range, so you can find almost any Hitachi control you need by entering the model number of the product into the search box.

Choosing the right one for you

All our Hitachi remotes work from the very first click once batteries are inserted with no setup required whatsoever (unlike some programmable ones out there which give you a huge list of codes). Instead, we only sell device-specific controls which come in two types.

Firstly, there are originals. These are genuine, like-for-like replacements sourced direct from Hitachi if you would prefer the same brand.

Secondly, there are alternatives. These also work from the first click and provide all the same functions, but they're made by "Classic" and more cost-effective as well if you would prefer to spend less. We've chosen this manufacturer in particular because they make very reliable remotes specifically for each Hitachi model. As a result, many customers even prefer them over the original controls!

In short, no matter what you buy, you can just pop in the batteries and start using it immediately.

Time to find your Hitachi remote control

All we need is the model number of the Hitachi device (TV, soundbar, Freeview/Freesat box etc). Simply enter that into the search now, and we'll show you the remote controls available for it. Then you can order online with fast, free UK delivery.

Some of the most popular remote controls for HITACHI are below. However, this is a very limited selection, so we recommend that you find yours by entering the model number into the search box above. View all


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